I not been taking piture for some time, but then I can enjoy, that Peter Schultz Jørgensen, choose to use, one of my picture in his newest book “Byernes Jord” The picture is from the storm "Bodil" that hit Denmark on the 3. December 2013, The picture is taking in Roskilde Harbor.

Green Linnet(Grøn Irisk) Young Bird rom this year, taken today the 25-12-2018 in Øslemagle Revle Koege near Copenhagen.

2. place in NFD year competition 2018 in - People and Nature

The picture is from Lille Vildmose, may 2018

Osprey from Præste Sø near Copenhagen 22 October 2018

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Friday the 9-3-2018 it was snowing alot so after work i decide to go north Sealand to look for the red fox, and after one hour i find a red fox near a forest, i dont why, but the red fox like to go hunt when it snow, maybe it is easy to catch mouse. but i park the car and go in the forest, it was perfect me in the forest and the fox in the field. but about 10-15 min. the fox smell me or hear the klik form the camera and run away.

Saturday 10-2-2018 Seaeagle mating in Søndersø Værløse in big Copenhagen, they where about 180-200 meter out on the ice and the weather was overcast, so not the best picture

Saturday 21-10-2017 I was going to Stignæs in Sealand Danmark

After a morning with fog and a little rain, the sun come and suddenly many hundred Buzzard fly around the skie,

Ready to cross the water to Fyn and then on the way to south Europe or Africa

Another one from Stignæs, a little closer.

That day there was anout 4-500 Buzzard in the skies.

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