Hallo And welcome to my homepage, My name is Henning Olsen, I live in Roskilde in Denmark.

I like to take nature photo, here i show what i like to take and some of my gear.

I like to take Macro, here im in Bistrup Forest in Denmark, taking Macro with my Canon D6 with 100 mm F 2,8 L IS USM

Here i take landscape in Boserup Forest in nighttime( the blue hour) 1 hour after the sun go down.

I use Canon  D60 with 10-22 mm remote Giga T. Pro II

I also take Wedding Photo, Where Sarita help me.

Here a test shoot before the bride come.

I use Canon D6 on tripod with 24-105 and a external flash Canon 430 mark 2

Here we are gettin ready for a wedding near Munkholm Brigde

We are in good luck, no rain and no sharp sun.

Here Sarita working on the back and i take the front.

Sarita use Canon D60 with 18-200 mm and Flash 380 EX

I Use Canon D6 with 24-105 mm F 4 with Flash 430 mark 2

My second camera is a Canon D450 with 50 mm F 1,8 or 16-35 mm F 4 Flash Walimex Pro

Taking by Sarita with Canon D60 with 18-200 mm with Canon flash 380 EX

Erawan Waterfall in Thailand

To get a good picture i need to go out in the river.

I use Tripod on my canon D6 with 24-105 mm with Lee Filter Grad 0,6 and 10 stop and a Lee polfilter.

Erawan Waterfall, Thailand

Here i am in Kanchanaburi, Cementery from world war 2. Taking the Danish soldiers cemetery.

Canon D6 with 24-105 mm with Lee polfilter and Grad 0,9

Here in Ayutthaya, 2 hour drive from Bangkok

Canon D6 with 24-105 mm Lee filter Grad 0,9 - Here i take HDRI with 7 picture.

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